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The black, brown, and green coloration that is noticed on roofs in this part of the country is fungus growth. The primary species of algae on roofs is Gloecapsa Magma. The spores of this algae are transported through the air and settle on your roof. Besides being unsightly, this algae is feeding on your shingles and taking years off of their life. The dark color that is created absorbs the sun's rays, which produces more heat in your attic and requires more energy to cool your home.

North Alabama Pressure Washing, LLC uses a soft wash method of cleaning that is approved by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association to safely remove this algae from your home's roof. Need your roof soft washed? Call us today for roof cleaning services! We proudly serve Decatur, Madison, Athens, Huntsville, AL and surrounding areas.

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Pressure washing your roof isn't a good idea

If shingles can blow off with a strong gust of wind, what do you think will happen if they're sprayed with a pressurized jet of water? Because it's a less destructive way to clean a roof, soft washing is our method of choice. We provide safe roof cleaning services in Athens, Huntersville, Decatur and Madison, AL and the surrounding area.

Soft washing your roof will make it look like new and is sure to boost your curb appeal as a result. View the Roofs Gallery page now to see before-and-after photos of roofs that we've cleaned in the area.